Here are some of our favorite dinning spots around the County.

Fish Creek

Bayside Tavern

The town bar.  Excellent burgers.  Great for sporting events. Usually has live music at night on the weekends.

Phone:  (920) 868-1441


Just half a block from Cedar Court.  Excellent for fish boils and breakfast.  They have fish boils nightly, call or stop in to reserve your space.

Phone: 920-868-3313


Whistling Swan

A higher end restaurant right next to Cedar Court serving new American dishes for dinner.  Probably the best place in town.

Phone: 920.868.3442


Wild Tomato (also has locations in Sister Bay and Egg Harbor)

Wood fired pizza with creative toppings.  

Sister Bay Location: 920.854.4685
Fish Creek Location: 920.868.3095
Egg Harbor Location: 920.868.9453


Fish Creek Market

The town grocery store.  Also the home of the Norswich.  There is a small deli in the back where you can get a sandwich, chips, and a cookie for $10. 

Phone:  920.868.3351